Worm Pattern Instructions:

This Pattern is knitted in the round, Using 6mm Double pointed needles.

I used 2 balls of Serenity Super Chunky 100g, 1 ball of blue, 1 of Oatmeal

Yarn Tension = 14 rows 10 stichs (10cm x 10cm), 1omm, US 15

This is my first Pattern so please ask if any of the instruction are unclear.


Cast on 6

1: KBF (12)


3: K KBF (18)

4: K

5: KBF K (27)

6: K

7: K *KBF K* (40)

8: K

8:   K20 CC K 20

9: MC k20 CC k20 (repeat this 14 more times – so that it measures around 10cm from start of Colour change row)

Optional mouth shaping or continur knitting  ‘ MC k20 CC k20’  for 8 more rows and then continue to chin shaping)

1: MC k20 CC K6 put 8 on to a stich holder k6

2: MC k20 CC k6 provisional cast on 8 k6

3: MC k20 CC k20 (repeat 6 times )

Now is an ideal time to do the additional shaping


turn the head inside out and pick up 16 stches from provisional cast on and stich holder

1: using CC Purl 16

2: p16

3: p16

4: p2tg p4 p2tg,  p2tg p4 p2tg

5: p12

6: kitchner stich


35: MC k2 CC k18 K2TG turn

36:  S1 p16 P2tg  turn

37: Sl1 k14 k2tg

38: Sl 1 p12 P2tg  turn

39:  Sl1 k10 K2TG turn

40: Sl1 p8 P2TG turn

41: Sl1 K6 K2TG turn

42: sl1 P4 P2TG Turn

45: Sl1 k8

46:MC k2 K2TG K12 K2TG  CC k12

47: MC k2tg k14 k2tg CC k12

48:MC k1 k2tg k12 CC k12

49: MC k2tg k10 CC k12


1: ( CC) K13 P10 k1

rows 2-7:  MC k12 CC k12

8: ( CC) K13 P10 k1

9: MC k12 CC k12



2: S1 P6 CC P6 TURN

3: S1 K5 MC K5 TURN

4: SL1 P4 CC K5  TURN

5: SL1 K4 MC K4 TURN

6: S1 P3 CC P4 TURN

7:S1 K3

8:MC K12 CC K12


10: S1 K10 CC P11 TURN

11: S1 K10 MC K10TURN

12: S1  P9 CC P10 TURN

13: S1 K9 MC K9  TURN

18 S1 P8 CC P9 TURN

19: S1 K8 MC k8 turn

20:S1 P7 CC P8 TURN

21: S1 K7 MC K7 TURN

22: S1 P6 CC P7 TURN

23: S1 K6 MC K6 TURN

24: S1 P5 CC P6 TURN

25: S1 K5 MC K5 TURN

26: S1 P4 CC P5 TURN

27: S1 K4

28: MC K12 CC K12


1: (CC) K2 MC K12 CC K10

2: K14 P10

3:K2 MC K12 CC K10

4: K3 MC K12 CC K9

5: K4 MC K12 CC K8

6: K5 MC K12 CC K7

7: K6 MC K12 CC K6

Repeat this row 6 times

14:  p5 k14 p5

15: K6 MC K12 CC K6

repeat this row 9 times

25: k19 p5

26: p5 k1 MC k12 CC k6

27: K6 MC K12 CC K6

28: k6.  End row early here to simplify pattern whilst doing Tail end of pattern


As you start the tail end decresesyou should start stuffing

1: MC K1 KT2G K6 SSK K1 CC K1 K2TG K6 SSK K1

2: MC K10 CC K10

3: MC K1 KT2G K4 SSK K1 CC K1 K2TG K4 SSK K1

4: MC K8 CC K8

5; MC K1 KT2G K2 SSK K1 CC K1 K2TG K2 SSK K1

6; MC K6 CC K6

7: MC K6



cast on with a long tail

CO 16 in the round



3: K20

4: K20

5: *K2tg k1 k2g*

6: co 12


Pinch the face with spare thread as shown in Diagram A.

Diagram A

Cut Felt as shown in Diagram B and insert into Eye Socket , Stuff and attached to worm

Diagram B

Cut Hair by wrapping around hand as shown in diagram C

Diagram C - Wrap Yarn

Diagram C2 - Sew on 'Hair yarn' and cut loop


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