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cut out leather mask

I found an awesome blog by Creativerus! I was completely inspired by her leather work. I really wanted to make a mask, because her work was so stunning. I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment, 6 that I want to finish in the next 2 weeks before going to my first LARP event. I couldn’t justify making a mask at the moment. Then on Facebook it was  posted that someone had a masquerade event at Empire. This was just the excuse I need to bump the mask up my to do list!


I loved the cut out mask and I thought I could reproduce it quite easy and set about making it. My cuts are not as good as I would have liked as the scalpel blade I was using for the beginning was a bit dull. I tried to introduce bevel edges to the design this was a mistake. Overall I’m pleased with the result and want to move onto designing my own mask rather than just reproducing other peoples design.  Also I think I could take some really nice pictures of it when I get my SLR up and running again.







LARP Costume

I’m Going to my first LARP (Live Action Role Play) event at Easter. I really enjoying the preparation for it, it has got back into sewing again. I haven’t used my machine for month and now all I want to do in the evenings is sew.

I used empire pattern for a T Tunic which is really simple and easy, I adjusted the size as the given measurements were huge!  I added facing to the neckline to give a more polished finish, I also added Flat felled seam’s to give a move historic look.

I am planning to make it again out of a woollen fabric adding darts to improve the fit.

The Trousers I adapted from a 70’s pattern. I shortened the length, and made them gathered by adding fabric by gores which matched the style of the tunic. I finished the trouser with green felt at the gathers and the fastening.



So we have a new house mate, to celebrate I made a new cushion for the living room with all of our initials on it – Katie, Sarah, Karl, Jon. I have some leather piece that I have dyed as well but I haven’t photographed them yet.  I now have space for my lights so I waiting on setting those up before I post anything!

Corset Cameo

wpid-20140107_153326.jpgI used an image of vintage tattoo flash for my screen prints a while ago, I started reusing it for inspiration.

A few weeks ago I used it to do some appliqué on my circle skirt. Circle skirts are traditionally appliqué with poodle hence why there often called poodle skirts. I didn’t really fancy sewing a poodle onto my skirt, so I appliqué the design I used for the screen printing, Unfortunately I didn’t photograph it until after I had worn it out on my birthday, it defiantly lost  some of its definition in the wash.


Since I been doing leather work I have imagined using this image for a cameo corset. I love the style of Louise Black cameo corsets but I want a front Busk. So I think this will mean using a front panel with two busk which is a style of corset I have seen used a lot by harlots and angels. I will have to adapt an existing pattern it’s just a case of deciding which one now.

I’m really pleased with this Leather tooling, even though it very clear that I have more experience carving flower than faces! Hopefully I will be able to use it on the finished corset. Just waiting on all of my dyes to turn up so I can start finishing it properly.


early carving

early carving

70’s Tweed

I forgot to uploaded the results from last weekends vintage pattern.  I pretty pleased with results, The tops a little bit to big but I think I would still wear it, not sure if the trouser a bit too 70’s flair for the office….


My Corset is complete but  its unfortunate that my ability to upload any photo is in a temporarily out of action.

I’m pleased with the results. But there a few area of improvement…

I heard the sizing was off on this pattern and would tend to agree. The size 12 on this is nowhere near a UK size 12 more like a UK size  8 or even possibly smaller. I have to wear the chemise from the pattern underneath.  I don’t mind the back gap due to the small sizing, I could easily make  modesty panel for that. It’s the boobies that force me into a chemise! This style of corset is a shelfer not a cupper which doesn’t leave much support or coverage when its a few size too small! It quite unnoticeable when worn with a chemise but when worn on its own it pretty indecent!

The Bones in the corset are too short. I’m still struggling with this part of corset making.  I think corsets have to be Flossed or hand stitched on the top bias to securely hold the bones. This is an area I need consider a lot more as it defiantly the area making my corset look the most ‘unprofessional’ I think this is to blame for the severe wrinkling I Have got going on as it’s a single layer corset.

Also my Grommet Techniques leaves something to be desired. It had been so long since I  had used eyelets that it took about 6 of them to into the swing of it. And despite marking neat lines, they look wonky as hell!

Next! I kinda have the sewing bug so I want to see if I can get a blouse and trouser done today. it’s from a vintage pattern with vintage fabric! Correction – Vintage Tweed!

Corset No.2

I wish I could say I been busy and the most prolific artist since my last post  but unfortunately I have been caught up in a multitude of  house moves and  job changes . Which essentially left me bereft of time to indulge in the creative side of life.

I did manage  couple of mini projects when the opportunity arose but nothing too inspiring.  I Knitting some socks from the most gorgeous yarn, if you’re in London I advise a trip to Iknit this yarn is awesome for socks.

I ve been reading Feeling stichy an embroidery blog, it inspired me a little so when I set to work to make a thank card for my friends it ended up as thank cushion. It’s the first time I have done any embroidery since high school so I think it turned out well!

When you can procrastinate like I do there is nothing like a deadline to motivate me back on the creative band wagon. My friends Burlesque night is looming round the corner and I want to wear my second corset to the evening. So with the bank holiday on the Horizon I went over to Vena Cava and order a ‘Simplicity 9769’ corset kit. The  kit is for a single layer corset which isn’t to my taste but I will  give it  go, I can always use the pattern and turn it into a something more appropriate. I’m hoping ill be at least 80% to a whole new corset by Monday.

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