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Zombie Table Runner – WIP

Below is my finished my Kaleidoscopes, I had more than I needed so just had to decide how to use them now!

I had to make a lot of decision for each repeat as with a 60 degree triangle each scope could be used three ways, depending on how it was rotated.


So I decided to make three projects in total:

The main runner which I originally planned with 6 place mats



A table topper with 4 mats



a mini runner


I started with the mini runner as I Would prefer to make any beginners mistakes on it rather than the main piece. I really pleased with my progress on it so far,  I stitched in the ditch, just need to decide hom much more quilting I should use on it.



Pot holder

The four project I started had all started to feel like none would be finished any time soon. So I wanted a quick a easy project I could complete. My work on the zombie table runner has had me looking into quilting techniques. So I wanted to quickly quilt something, I had ordered some Insul-Bright to play with so I decided the a pot holder was the perfect project.

I made two separate side the used bias binding to connect them whilst adding a loop to hand it. The first side I went for a curvy free motion style (whilst using a normal foot) but I really didn’t like the result, on the lines of dots it didnt complement the fabric at all. The second side I took a much more angular approach, which suited the pattern more. half way through I tried to work with the pattern, this was the most effective quilting.


The Curvey side


Working with the pattern

putting bias binding on all those layers was a challenge, there defiantly room for improvement!


The Return

It’s been nearly four years since my last post! I was busy completing my nursing degree, I had to sacrifice my craft time amongst other things to complete it but it worth it I got a first! and now that I’m working I find the 12 hour shift good for giving me whole days off to concentrate on crafting.

So at the moment I have a couple of four main projects im working on

  1. Brioche knit hat
  2. Anne Stokes Cross stitch
  3. Kaleidoscope quilted table runner
  4. Labyrinth board game miniatures


Brioche knit hat

There not much to report on the knitting front, I saw a beautiful bit of brioche knitting on Reddit and decided I wanted to give it a go. after a bit of research I discovered I have sampled this technique before but I never made a finished object with it. so I have cast on Elizabieta Torenc’s flaming beanie.  Only on the head band so not much to show at the moment!


Anne Stokes cross Stich

I pick up a £1 ponsetta cross stitch pattern over the holiday and I really enjoyed so I decided to embark on my first full coverage cross stich piece. It 10 x 10 inches based on Anne stokes artwork.  I know it will take months, so it’s a daunting piece to start but enjoying my progress so far…`


Kaleidoscope quilted table runner

I’m hoping to move into my a new home soon, though it’s quite a stressful process I’m finding the idea of designing and decorating quite enjoyable.  I’ve done a few piecework pillow which I really enjoyed so I wanted to continue and explore this side of sewing. I really love the Kaleidoscope patterns, but they tend to look quite old-fashioned. So to make the runner more my aesthetic, im using Alexander Henry zombie fabric.  I need 6 repeats for my hexagons. I hoped 2.5 metre would be sufficient. It’s not enough to do full width repeats, I only have 4 full width repeats. Luckily a table runner doesnt requires many blocks.  So today I been trying to work out how to cut out the 3 repeat per width in my fabric.

rough plan

Initial sketch of cut for fabric repeat

Final cutting guide


Labyrinth board game miniatures

I got riverhorse labyrinth board game for my birthday present so am now embarking on painting my first miniatures! done some shading on Sarah but I have mainly done the base layer so far but really enjoying learning about painting minis!




LARP Costume

I’m Going to my first LARP (Live Action Role Play) event at Easter. I really enjoying the preparation for it, it has got back into sewing again. I haven’t used my machine for month and now all I want to do in the evenings is sew.

I used empire pattern for a T Tunic which is really simple and easy, I adjusted the size as the given measurements were huge!  I added facing to the neckline to give a more polished finish, I also added Flat felled seam’s to give a move historic look.

I am planning to make it again out of a woollen fabric adding darts to improve the fit.

The Trousers I adapted from a 70’s pattern. I shortened the length, and made them gathered by adding fabric by gores which matched the style of the tunic. I finished the trouser with green felt at the gathers and the fastening.

Corset Cameo

wpid-20140107_153326.jpgI used an image of vintage tattoo flash for my screen prints a while ago, I started reusing it for inspiration.

A few weeks ago I used it to do some appliqué on my circle skirt. Circle skirts are traditionally appliqué with poodle hence why there often called poodle skirts. I didn’t really fancy sewing a poodle onto my skirt, so I appliqué the design I used for the screen printing, Unfortunately I didn’t photograph it until after I had worn it out on my birthday, it defiantly lost  some of its definition in the wash.


Since I been doing leather work I have imagined using this image for a cameo corset. I love the style of Louise Black cameo corsets but I want a front Busk. So I think this will mean using a front panel with two busk which is a style of corset I have seen used a lot by harlots and angels. I will have to adapt an existing pattern it’s just a case of deciding which one now.

I’m really pleased with this Leather tooling, even though it very clear that I have more experience carving flower than faces! Hopefully I will be able to use it on the finished corset. Just waiting on all of my dyes to turn up so I can start finishing it properly.


early carving

early carving

Circle Skirt


Some pic from this weekend project, Sewing retro clothes while watching Mad Men – Loving the combo!

I also started working on making a bullet bra, so far its been more pointy than I want but I’m persevering through…


Screen Printing Workshop

So I attended a screen printing workshop at the London Textiles Studio today, it was amazing fun it felt great to have a Squeegee back in my hand, another thing that has been missing for about ten years. I’m really pleased with the results and about im about to spend a  few hours internet shopping to get my own kit.

The Design is inspired from some vintage tattoo flash I’ve been experimenting with.

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