I have spent a few years of being lost in flow of life but after a night of Intoxication spent staring at the Burlesque tent at a festival, Ive realised I really used to like to do sewing and making corsets. This is going to be an attempt to document my re interation into the world of a being a seamstress.


6 responses to “About”

  1. palacioillustration says :

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Good luck with your sewing your corset looks lovely

  2. Sirenia says :

    I am impressed. I have thought about making my own corsets, but have no clue where to start. So i will keep an eye on you 🙂
    Thank you for visiting me and commenting on my blog!

  3. noteveryoneseesit says :

    I have a much better understanding now of how to make my first boned corset… thanks!! And keep it up, they’re lovely!

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