My Corset is complete but  its unfortunate that my ability to upload any photo is in a temporarily out of action.

I’m pleased with the results. But there a few area of improvement…

I heard the sizing was off on this pattern and would tend to agree. The size 12 on this is nowhere near a UK size 12 more like a UK size  8 or even possibly smaller. I have to wear the chemise from the pattern underneath.  I don’t mind the back gap due to the small sizing, I could easily make  modesty panel for that. It’s the boobies that force me into a chemise! This style of corset is a shelfer not a cupper which doesn’t leave much support or coverage when its a few size too small! It quite unnoticeable when worn with a chemise but when worn on its own it pretty indecent!

The Bones in the corset are too short. I’m still struggling with this part of corset making.  I think corsets have to be Flossed or hand stitched on the top bias to securely hold the bones. This is an area I need consider a lot more as it defiantly the area making my corset look the most ‘unprofessional’ I think this is to blame for the severe wrinkling I Have got going on as it’s a single layer corset.

Also my Grommet Techniques leaves something to be desired. It had been so long since I  had used eyelets that it took about 6 of them to into the swing of it. And despite marking neat lines, they look wonky as hell!

Next! I kinda have the sewing bug so I want to see if I can get a blouse and trouser done today. it’s from a vintage pattern with vintage fabric! Correction – Vintage Tweed!



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Intially my blog was just Corset Related Rantings(hense back to busk) but has evolved to document all of my craft activities

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