Corset No.2

I wish I could say I been busy and the most prolific artist since my last post  but unfortunately I have been caught up in a multitude of  house moves and  job changes . Which essentially left me bereft of time to indulge in the creative side of life.

I did manage  couple of mini projects when the opportunity arose but nothing too inspiring.  I Knitting some socks from the most gorgeous yarn, if you’re in London I advise a trip to Iknit this yarn is awesome for socks.

I ve been reading Feeling stichy an embroidery blog, it inspired me a little so when I set to work to make a thank card for my friends it ended up as thank cushion. It’s the first time I have done any embroidery since high school so I think it turned out well!

When you can procrastinate like I do there is nothing like a deadline to motivate me back on the creative band wagon. My friends Burlesque night is looming round the corner and I want to wear my second corset to the evening. So with the bank holiday on the Horizon I went over to Vena Cava and order a ‘Simplicity 9769’ corset kit. The  kit is for a single layer corset which isn’t to my taste but I will  give it  go, I can always use the pattern and turn it into a something more appropriate. I’m hoping ill be at least 80% to a whole new corset by Monday.


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Intially my blog was just Corset Related Rantings(hense back to busk) but has evolved to document all of my craft activities

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