Karen Prell

Who is Karen Prell? I didn’t know until yesterday. She was the puppeteer for the blue worm and quite a few of the other character in the labyrinth. She also was the puppeteer and voice for Red from Fraggle Rock.  And she still busy doing amazing things now, she animated Wheatley from Portal 2. So she has had a hand in my favourite film and my favourite video game! I can’t believe I wasnt aware of her until now!

My labyrinth Worm has had a really positive response, so really want to knit another softie / plushie now.  I had a few idea and im finding it difficult to decide which to do first. So I have narrowed it down to three ideas:

Portal: Wheatley

Plants Vs Zombies: Pea Shooter

Labyrinth: Wiseman and the hat

I think I’m going to go for Wheatley first, I’m feeling the Karen Prell vibe, I want to knit another one the character she has breathed life into.


IMDB is a wonderful thing, I also enjoyed finding out that  Timothy Bateson ( RIP)  who voiced the Blue Labyrinth Worm also voiced Kreacher in the Harry Potter movies.


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