If she had gone that way she would of gone straight to that castle

So the second version of the worm is complete including the pattern which is Here or available on Ravelry

I defiantly think he is an improvement on the original design, and the knitting instruction are defiantly easier to understand.  This is my first attempt at writing a pattern so I would be chuffed if just one person manages to make sense of my instructions and decides to knit one for themselves.


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Intially my blog was just Corset Related Rantings(hense back to busk) but has evolved to document all of my craft activities

2 responses to “If she had gone that way she would of gone straight to that castle”

  1. anneris31 says :

    I love this! You’ve done some really good work–it looks way better than those crappy toys they sell. You’ve got some real talent. I’d love to see you do an entire Labyrinth line, but that’s probably pressing my luck. 🙂

    • backtobusk says :

      Thanks! I love the labyrinth I could be easily persuaded to do more characters. The blue worm is really special to me but I can imagine more characters maybe the the fire people, I think I would have to watch it again to decide. I think you have just given me an excuse to re watch the labyrinth!

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