Perfection and Procrastination

I would like to apologise for my lack of post with an explanation. Both of my project of chemise and worm have fallen to way side in the name of perfection. I wasnt happy with the direction they were going in so rather than finish them in a manner I might not like I instead choose to not work on them at all.

Perfection and procrastination on the face of it are very different things but I’m starting to realise with me they are very entwined. I have been using perfectionism as an excuse to procrastinate.

When I started my journey to be more creative  I said to myself that the process of creating is more important than what you create. Though I might not have been conscious of the exact  way my mind works against me I certainly had an Idea.

I hadn’t walked down this path in a while so I had forgotten the shape of the beast that rears it head. I know my cold and the dark thought I had of late have only but helped me slip into this arena. Eventually I would have had to tackle this issue sooner or later.

The struggle for perfection is in nature a  negative loop. When you stop creating in the strive for perfection, it makes you  feel shit. So by the time your ready to reexamine whatever you were working on you’re in a worse mood and have no trust in your own opinion and before you know it the project hasn’t been touched for days weeks or even years. The Corset of Doom is a perfect example of this, a project that languished for years because I couldn’t escape this negative loop.

So I am supposedly older and wiser now and Should be able to deal with this. I know in theory that nobody is perfect, and therefore I shouldnt expect perfection from my creations but somehow that doesn’t quite help me the way it should. I would like to believe just an awareness of my creative pitfall will help me avoid them.

I will certainly start working on my projects again today. Hopefully I learn something to help me change.


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