Labyrinth Worm

I have been procrastinating on my chemise for quite a while now, basically I can’t decide if I should adapt the pattern and turn into an under corset dress or if I should make a separate skirt for the outfit? I am quite hesitant to put the final stitches on the chemise until I have decided what im going to do.

So until I make any  decision I’ve had to distract myself somehow, whilst clicking my way through Sunday I found the labyrinth worm plushie which I instantly wanted! My inner knitter reminded me that I love making knitted toys and this would be amazing fun! my last knitted toy adventure worked out quite well for me so lets hope this is a success too!


About backtobusk

I have spent a few years of being lost in flow of life but after a night of Intoxication spent staring at the Burlesque tent at a festival, Ive realised I really used to like to do sewing and making corsets. This is going to be an attempt to document my re interation into the world of a being a seamstress.

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