Completed Corset of Doom

I finally finished the corset of doom, It’s not perfect but its finished! After many years of sitting dusty in a room it’s now filled with lots of yummy steel bones and I’m looking for an excuse to wear it. Seriously contemplating wearing it to the pub tomorrow, I think I can convince myself corset are casual pub attire!

It wasnt until Friday that I started working on my corset again. I had lost my zipper foot again and I needed a few more steel bones.  When the postman arrived on Friday I jumped straight on my machine. there wasnt much left to do just inserting the loop side of the busk and the top bias binding. The top of the bias binding has been a complete nightmare. Due to the thickness of the vintage upholstery fabric it was nearly impossible to pin and sew. I’m not happy with the stitching and maybe in a couple of weeks when the annoyance of sewing upholstery fabric has gone away ill redo it, or I will be lazy and cover it up with a nice bit of lace trimming!

I’m going to make myself a chemise to wear underneath it, I have the pattern ready and waiting. Its been quite a while since I used a pattern I’m quite excited even the weird tracing paper that you get with sewing patterns makes me smile.


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3 responses to “Completed Corset of Doom”

  1. ghadah says :

    I love it! So did you wear it to the pub? Did you did you?

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