More sewing in London

I spent a lot of Monday unpicking and rejoining the panels on the left side. this took longer than expected I think me and my sewing machine wern’t connecting quite as well as the day before. Some of the panels I had to keep redoing, I was never satisfied with the stiching. Even attaching  the eyelet tape took a couple of goes. I dont think I really helped myself when I decided to alter the patten. When I had been trying on the corset the night before I decided it needed more shape so that the seams scooped in more losing about 4cm in total at the waist line.

Interface piece left side with alteration

With my new shiny Zipper foot in hand I inserted the knob side of the Busk. this was simple to do, but something has gone wrong. The loop side of the busk is pinned into the right side of the corset, when I try to put them together im getting a lot of resistence from the middle clasp. I dont know if the Loops side is sew wrong or this issue arrises because the loop side is only pinned in.  Im hestitant to sew the loop busk in place until I can figure this out.

Sample of double boning, with satin and cotton bias sample

Finally it was time to start making the boning channels. I had done a sample yesterday so I knew I wanted double channels.  This felt like an exciting phase, feels like a finishing touch rather than constructing. This went well, and once the bones were in the corset, it really starts feeling like a corset.

The problem I had here was that four of the bones were to long I have sewn the bottem bias but I wont be able to finish the top until I have recieved some smaller bones.


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2 responses to “More sewing in London”

  1. kasikasi says :

    I want one too 🙂

  2. backtobusk says :

    Careful what you wish for or I will be round yours with a tape measure once i’m more practiced!

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