Sunday In London

When I started working on the Corset of Doom I just wanted to get it finished, I knew it would never be perfect. I think the original pattern I copied was from one of my cheap £15 plastic boned, sudo corset’s.  Also it had been sitting unfinished in my parents house for at least 6 years, maybe more. unfortunately that not the way things work out, the more time you spend with a piece the more attached you become. Admittedly this will still be a shifty corset but it’s not  going to be quite as quick as I first envisioned. With every extra task I add im learning something, which is another reason im doing this, I want to learn from my mistakes on this project so when I start a corset from scratch it a lot easier for me.

Seam allowance has been cut from the interfacing for the left side but not the right

The first  thing I had to do was cut the front panel in half so that I can have a busk at the front. After I cut the main panel I cut 2 cm of the interfacing to create a seam allowance.

I didn’t want to put any lining in as that would take a lot more time and add a layer of complexity which would slow the completion of the corset. As I investigated how to insert the busk it became apparent that it would have to be lined where the busk was at the minimum. I realised that  only lining half the corset was going to look ridiculous and take as much time as a full lining.

I used the Interfacing as a pattern guide for the lining, Tracing over it

Drawing on lining with tailors chalk

with Tailors Chalk. Once I had all four panels traced and cut the lining and sewed the panels together.

The next step was to sew the Lining and  fashion fabric  together by sewing the eyelet tape on. This was more challenging than I first expected, because my fashion fabric is so thick ( technically its a upholstry fabric) I couldn’t get the pins through the fabric. I had to hold the pieces in place as I sew them. As if that wasnt hard enough it was too thick for my sewing machine, I couldn’t use the pedal, I had to manually turn the wheel. This is properly one of the slowest parts of the construction process.

Eyelet tape joined

I started with the right side of my Corset so the next part was to sew the seam for the loop part of the busk. Inserting a busk it quite a simple process. I found a  great video on youtube that guided me through this. I mark the busk and maybe went a little overboard on the stitching here, it needs to be strong to hold the busk. unfortunately that where I had to stop, to secure the busk loop in place you need to use a zipper foot on the sewing machine, and mine had been lost  a few years back.  It was about 10pm by the time I realised this so  I planned to get a new one tomorrow.  I decided my sewing time was over for the day (the bulb had gone on my sewing machine therefore  late night sewing wasnt the best of ideas)   Instead I pretended to watch TV but actually compulsively trying on the corset by putting against myself.  This wasnt actually a futile task. My compulsive behaviour paid off. I had noticed there was a lot of puckering on the corset, until then I hadn’t a clue why. When I had originally sewn the panels together I had try to catch the interfacing, this was the problem, where I had it was puckering, it made the corset too thick to sit straight.

so much for finishing it quickly I going to have to unpick all the fashion fabric panels and sew them all again..

Lining panel sewn together

Puckering - stitches catching the interfacing


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