Quick Update – Be Slow

Im In London with my corset and sewing machine. I had a very productive Morning. I learnt a lot today. I changed my mind a lot too. I have a full post up when I return home. For now I shall leave you with 2 bits of advice……

If you havn’t used a sewing machine for a long time, or if your new to sewing the most important thing is to take things slowly. As tempting as it is to rev that pedal, its not going to make any pretty corsets!

Tension, Tension, Tension. I spent at least a good 30 mins fiddling with the my sewing tension today before I did anything. If you dont set up your tension properly your doom to fail.

So here where A quick pic of my progress so far

Corset f doom


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About backtobusk

I have spent a few years of being lost in flow of life but after a night of Intoxication spent staring at the Burlesque tent at a festival, Ive realised I really used to like to do sewing and making corsets. This is going to be an attempt to document my re interation into the world of a being a seamstress.

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