Such Fun!

The Postman came today, all my stuff from Vena Cava had arrived ! I was so excited I spent about an hour caressing the boning  which I had slipped inside the channels of the eyelet tape. I think my love for the feel of steel bones borders on the unhealthy side! I cant wait to get started.

I booked my train tickets to London too. I’ll Arrive Saturday night and return Tuesday night. Tempted to take the materials to London so I can get started but I think just finding all the stuff I need will be enough of a Mission in itself, I have a very small room with lots of stuff in it.

Busk, Eyeleys Boning

Corset Suplies


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About backtobusk

I have spent a few years of being lost in flow of life but after a night of Intoxication spent staring at the Burlesque tent at a festival, Ive realised I really used to like to do sewing and making corsets. This is going to be an attempt to document my re interation into the world of a being a seamstress.

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