Corset and Pictures?

Katie BrownlessAt first This blog was going to be a corset related affair but I’ve decided to open it up to all of my Creative endeavours. Here’s some experimental images I took today.

I’m looking forward to when I get a chance to light these properly, but there fun as a statement of intent. I find it difficult discussing the ideas behind self portraits but I’m Going to try…..

I had a rather interesting week about a month ago, lets just say Hunter S Thompson would be proud. The Week resulted in a two-week recovery and a lot of introspection.  My most over-riding thought from this time is that I have been in a waking dream for the last few years. Sure I was functioning perfectly normal as far society tell me what I’m supposed to do but I had been avoiding all creativity endeavours that might mean I actually felt something. I was doing that because It’s a peaceful existence where the bad things can’t get you. unfortunately neither can the good things.

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Intially my blog was just Corset Related Rantings(hense back to busk) but has evolved to document all of my craft activities

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