The Beginning

I’m not sure where I start, as this is my first blog. what is ‘The Beginning’ my history that put my on this textiles related adventure or what spurned me to start this blog? I’m not feeling the David Copperfield monologue so lets start with This Saturday…

I was back in London visiting my parents, lying in my old bedroom nursing my hangover looking over the immense amounts of my crap I’ve collected over the years. Then from the corner of my eye I see it; The corset of Doom. Why does it have such a nickname? It’s a failed project that for me symbolise a few things. Firstly that a give up too quickly on things that mean a lot to me. Secondly since that corset stumped me I have not touched my sewing machine.

The reason this corset had been such a challenging project was that I had used a vintage fabric I had inherited from my Nan. After sewing the panels together I realised I had made huge mistake, the fit around the breast was horrific and nothing that should ever dare call itself a corset. Normally that wouldn’t have mattered, but as it was a vintage fabric and I didn’t have enough fabric left to fix it. I was Teaching myself to make a corsets by dissembling corsets that I had purchased. I had no one to help me, so the corset has languished in parents house ever since.

On Friday I went to The london the London Tattoo convention and spent a lot of time lusting after corsets and berating myself for not making them anymore. I saw a lot of clincher corsets, and there was some amazing clincher’s! especially the handmade ones by Engineers of Desire .  I never used to like  under bust corsets when I was younger, I was a bit too obsessed with the effect an over bust corset has on breasts!

With this widening of corset appreciation came my insight and inspiration. When I looked at the corset of doom I had the solution, I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to fix the fitting of the bust. I didn’t need a time machine to obtain more vintage fabric.  There was a simple solution; make it an under bust corset.

So I got out the scissors chopped away and tried my new  under bust corset on for a test run, and it was fitting well! The result of which is the shifty phone snap below.

So the hard part is over…… just all the boning and fine detail to decide!



About backtobusk

Intially my blog was just Corset Related Rantings(hense back to busk) but has evolved to document all of my craft activities

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